• Autumn Glory (Dolerw Park)
    Autumn shows its full colours in Dolerw Park in Newtown, Powys


Having lived in Powys, Mid Wales since 2010, its amazing landscapes, woods, rivers and atmospheric skies are a constant source of inspiration. The natural world and landscapes make me marvel at the amazing creativity of God.  I love colour and texture, and try to capture joy in my artwork.

I aim to sell artwork created using high quality materials, both paint and canvases. I give each piece the attention and effort required to produce a high quality picture that will give customers pleasure for years and will last well beyond my lifetime. I finish each artwork with a signature on the front and back of the canvas. Where pictures are unframed, the edges of the painting are painted so that the picture can be hung unframed.

Thoroughness is a hallmark of my work, as is my willingness to listen to those I trust and to make changes when something within a picture doesn’t quite work. This means that I will, even at a late stage, make drastic changes to a painting, in order to get it right. I appreciate that the background is as important as the foreground in creating a cohesive and well balanced picture. This means that paintings are created in a layered approach with each layer having time to dry before the next coat of paint is applied.


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You can sign up to receive occasional emails from me by joining my artist’s private email list- http://eepurl.com/hmPcZH

This website showcases work which is still available to buy. I hope you enjoy it.  I’ve put an archive section to have somewhere to display other artwork in different media that I’ve done over the years- silk painting, willow lanterns, mosaic…. If you would like to commission me to try something new, please get in touch.

You can read updates and see new paintings as they happen by “following” my Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/SueNewhamArtist

Andy Newham, my husband and website designer, has put hours of work into creating this website and I am very grateful to him. www.normalconsultancy.co.uk

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